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Founded by Bruce McLaren in 1963, McLaren Automotive's roots are deep in Formula One history. Despite McLaren's tragic car accident in 1970, his legacy lives on. In 1980, McLaren merged with Ron Dennis' Project 4 Racing, leading to groundbreaking innovations like the carbon fibre MP4/1. Fast forward to 2010, McLaren Automotive emerged independently, giving birth to iconic cars like the McLaren F1. Recent ventures include the McLaren Composites Technology Centre (MCTC), a £50m facility dedicated to crafting carbon fibre chassis for future road cars, symbolizing McLaren's commitment to cutting-edge technology. McLaren's product portfolio, from the entry-level 570S to the high-end Speedtail, showcases their dedication to power, precision, and an unparalleled driving experience. Based at the McLaren Technology Centre, McLaren Automotive continues to push boundaries, embodying a legacy of speed, innovation, and excellence.

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McLaren Coupe carsMcLaren Artura,McLaren GT,McLaren 570S,McLaren 600LT,McLaren 720S,McLaren Senna,McLaren P1

McLaren carsPrice

McLaren Artura PriceTBC
McLaren GT PriceRM 908,000
McLaren 570S PriceRM 1,870,570-2,033,600
McLaren 600LT PriceRM 2,389,712
McLaren 720S PriceRM 2,453,916-2,655,350
McLaren Senna PriceRM 6,460,000
McLaren P1 PriceRM 7,078,000
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