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In 1948, Colin Chapman founded Lotus in Hethel, UK, marking the beginning of a legacy defined by innovation and a commitment to simplicity. Lotus, a brand synonymous with racetrack victories and engineering breakthroughs, has continued to uphold its founder's philosophy of subtracting the redundant and investing in the essential. The Lotus philosophy, encapsulated by Chapman's famous quote, ""Adding power makes you faster on the straights, subtracting weight makes you faster everywhere,"" reflects the brand's relentless pursuit of true innovation. Over seven decades, Lotus has introduced cutting-edge technologies and advanced materials, setting new standards in automotive excellence. Today, Lotus stands at the forefront of a vital shift towards electric drive technology, embodying a new era of sustainable performance. The Lotus Eletre, an all-electric SUV with racecar DNA, combines classic Lotus performance with luxurious comfort and practicality, ushering in the future of electric mobility. The Emira, designed from the ground up for pure driving excitement, reinvents the supercar with class-leading road handling, exotic looks, and enhanced comfort. Lotus continues to push boundaries with the Evija, the most powerful car to enter series production. Its sculpted porosity commands airflow, delivering out-of-this-world driving dynamics and road handling. As Lotus looks to the future, the journey is just beginning. The brand's commitment to passion, courage, and true innovation ensures that every Lotus vehicle, past, present, and future, reflects the spirit of its visionary founder, Colin Chapman.

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Lotus SUV carsLotus Eletre
Lotus Coupe carsLotus Evija,Lotus Evora
Lotus Convertible carsLotus Exige Roadster

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Lotus Eletre PriceRM 578,000-798,000
Lotus Evija PriceTBC
Lotus Evora PriceTBC
Lotus Exige Roadster PriceTBC
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