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BMW Group is a renowned global premium manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles, consisting of four distinct brands: BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce, and BMW Motorrad. Operating in 140 countries with a production network spanning 31 facilities across 15 countries, the BMW Group holds a prominent position in the automotive industry. In 2020, the BMW Group achieved significant milestones, selling over 2.3 million passenger vehicles and more than 169,000 motorcycles worldwide. The financial performance was robust, with a profit before tax reaching €7.118 billion on revenues of €104.210 billion in the 2019 financial year. The workforce as of December 31, 2019, comprised 126,016 employees. The company's success is attributed to its commitment to long-term thinking and responsible action. Emphasizing ecological and social sustainability, product responsibility, and resource conservation, these principles are integral to the BMW Group's strategy. BMW Group Financial Services plays a pivotal role, engaging in the financing and leasing of BMW Group automobiles and motorcycles. Additionally, it offers selected insurance products, contributing significantly to the company's customer-centric approach. In the Malaysian context, BMW Group Malaysia represents Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW) AG. Its operations encompass the wholesale of BMW, BMW i, MINI, and BMW Motorrad vehicles, spare parts, and accessories. The organization oversees sales, marketing, after-sales, financial services, and related activities in Malaysia. Key facilities include the National Sales Centre (NSC) & National Financial Services Centre (NFSC) in Cyberjaya, BMW Assembly Facilities at the Kulim Hi-Tech Park, and strategic centers like the BMW Group Data Centre (GDC), Regional Training Centre (RTC), and Parts Distribution Centre (PDC) in Senai, Johor. The extensive BMW dealership network consists of 39 outlets across various Malaysian cities, showcasing the brand's strong presence in the region.

Type of BMW CarsCar Models

BMW Sedan carsBMW i7,BMW i5,BMW 3 Series,BMW i4,BMW 5 Series,BMW M3,BMW 6 Series GT,BMW 7 Series,BMW M5,BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe
BMW Coupe carsBMW 2 Series Gran Coupe,BMW 4 Series Coupe,BMW Z4,BMW M2 Coupe,BMW M4 Coupe,BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe,BMW 8 Series,BMW i8 Coupe
BMW Hatchback carsBMW iX1,BMW 1 Series,BMW i3s
BMW Convertible carsBMW i8 Roadster

BMW carsPrice

BMW i7 PriceRM 579,020
BMW i5 PriceTBC
BMW 3 Series PriceRM 257,800-317,800
BMW i4 PriceRM 273,800-430,800
BMW 5 Series PriceRM 358,217-402,800
BMW M3 PriceRM 379,800-827,800
BMW 6 Series GT PriceRM 430,800
BMW 7 Series PriceRM 569,052-633,800
BMW M5 PriceRM 998,800-1,188,800
BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe PriceTBC
BMW X1 PriceRM 220,800-259,800
BMW X3 PriceRM 315,800-358,800
BMW iX3 PriceRM 322,800-343,800
BMW X2 PriceRM 328,800-398,800
BMW X4 PriceRM 398,800
BMW iX PriceRM 403,800-630,800
BMW X5 PriceRM 480,800-618,800
BMW X7 PriceRM 708,800-861,847
BMW X6 PriceRM 754,800
BMW X3 M PriceRM 886,551
BMW X4 M PriceRM 904,276
BMW XM PriceRM 1,398,800
BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe PriceRM 228,800
BMW 4 Series Coupe PriceRM 427,800
BMW Z4 PriceRM 469,510
BMW M2 Coupe PriceRM 598,800-626,800
BMW M4 Coupe PriceRM 740,800-848,800
BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe PriceRM 968,800-1,455,145
BMW 8 Series PriceRM 1,088,800-1,452,960
BMW i8 Coupe PriceRM 1,408,800
BMW iX1 PriceRM 285,800
BMW 1 Series PriceRM 375,800
BMW i3s PriceRM 268,824-278,800
BMW i8 Roadster PriceRM 1,508,800
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