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Established in 1985 as Malaysia's national car project, PROTON has evolved into a leading automotive manufacturer, driving the nation's industrialization. The iconic Proton Saga marked its journey as the ""Pride of the Nation."" In 2017, a strategic partnership with DRB-HICOM and Zhejiang Geely Holding Group positioned PROTON to become a global automotive brand. With a commitment to ""INSPIRING CONNECTIONS,"" PROTON focuses on delivering Innovative Technology, Reliability, and International standards. The collaboration with Zhejiang Geely Holding Group strengthens PROTON's market position, promising a dynamic future in the automotive industry.

Type of Proton CarsCar Models

Proton Sedan carsProton Saga,Proton Persona,Proton Inspira,Proton Perdana,Proton Preve,Proton S70
Proton Hatchback carsProton Iriz,Proton Satria,Proton Suprima S
Proton MPV carsProton Exora,Proton Ertiga,Proton V70
Proton SUV carsProton X50,Proton X70,Proton X90

Proton carsPrice

Proton Saga PriceRM 34,800-44,800
Proton Persona PriceRM 47,800-58,300
Proton Inspira PriceTBC
Proton Perdana PriceTBC
Proton Preve PriceTBC
Proton S70 PriceTBC
Proton Iriz PriceRM 42,800-57,300
Proton Satria PriceTBC
Proton Suprima S PriceTBC
Proton Exora PriceRM 59,800-69,800
Proton Ertiga PriceTBC
Proton V70 PriceTBC
Proton X50 PriceRM 86,300-113,300
Proton X70 PriceRM 98,800-128,800
Proton X90 PriceRM 123,800-152,800
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