Bangkok Auto Show: The Facelift GLS 450 d 4MATIC AMG Dynamic Prices at 6,980,000 Thai Baht

Kevin WongMar 26, 2024, 04:24 PM

At the 45th Bangkok Auto Show, the Mercedes-Benz GLS 450 d 4MATIC AMG Dynamic unveiled its facelift and announced the price of the new model, with an official guide price of 6,980,000 Thai Baht.

The overall design style of the new car remains stable, demonstrating the solemnity and refinement of a luxury SUV, without too many exaggerating details, or deliberately creating a youthful or sporty style. The grille and the headlights adopt a family-style design, and the three-section taillights do not adopt the popular through design, showing an evident elegant temperament in tradition. Although the overall design is relatively simplistic, the luxury feeling it presents is very sufficient.

The size of the new car is 5215×2030×1823mm, and the wheelbase is 3135mm. The vehicle's minimum ground clearance is 200-215mm, and the trunk volume is 355L. In the situation where the last two rows of seats are folded down, it can be expanded to a maximum of 2400L.

The interior design has continued for a long time, and there is still no significant change in the new models. The dual-screen design, a popular element, was kicked off by Mercedes-Benz. Today, such a design still looks very upscale on the GLS. The Mercedes-Benz GLS 450 d 4MATIC AMG Dynamic has adopted a sporty steering wheel design, and the surface of the leather steering wheel has been perforated. The new GLS has been upgraded to some extent on the technological level. The newly added "real-time off-road surface image" feature can present the view of the front path on the central control screen. The MBUX intelligent human-computer interaction system design is renewed, offering three display styles of "classic", "sporty" and "soft", as well as three modes of "navigation", "assistance", "service", and it can also link the ambient light to provide seven different theme colors.

In terms of power system, the new car is equipped with a 3.0T turbocharged diesel engine and a 48V mild hybrid system, using ISG motor form. The advantage of the ISG motor is that it is fuel-efficient, and it can start the engine silently, as well as charge the battery when the car brakes. The maximum power of the engine is 270kW (367PS), the peak torque is 750N·m, and the corresponding engine speed is 1350-2800rpm. The transmission is a 9-speed automatic transmission, equipped with a 4MATIC four-wheel drive system. The official 0-100km/h acceleration data is 6.1 seconds.

Overview of the main configuration of Mercedes-Benz GLS 450 d 4MATIC AMG Dynamic:

Exterior configuration

- Multi-beam LED headlights

- Adaptive High Beam Assist Plus automatic high-beam adjustment system

- Electric suction door

- The rearview mirror can be adjusted and folded electrically.

- Panoramic roof glass sunroof, which can be opened and closed electrically.

- Sport stainless steel side steps

- 22-inch AMG alloy wheels

- Front tire size 285/45 R22, rear tire size 325/40 R22

- AIRMATIC air suspension system

- Adaptive damping system suspension control system

- Height control system - automatically lowering suspension

Interior configuration

- Front seats equipped with ventilation, massage system

- Front seats are electrically adjustable seats with memory

- Second-row seats (only left and right positions) with ventilation, massage function

- Third-row seats

- Tablet screen controls the MBUX multimedia system for second-row passengers.

- Widescreen cockpit information display (11.2-inch instrument cluster + 11.2-inch central control screen)

- Wireless phone charger on front/rear seats.

- Driver information display system on windshield head-up display

- THERMOTRONIC 5-zone automatic temperature control system

- ENERGIZING AIR CONTROL air purification system

- Cabin decoration materials: anthracite open-pore oak trim

- Nappa leather-covered multi-function sports steering wheel

- The driver's cabin is surrounded by flashing lights, and the ambient lighting can adjust 64 tones.

- USB-Type C charging and connection ports are in 7 positions

- Foot mats with AMG logo

- Rear door sunshades

- Second-row seats with cup holders with cold and heat temperature control system

-Mobile connection features: Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

-Automatic alarm system in case of accidents

-Hard disk Navigation map system with 3D map

-Burmeister surround sound system, 13 speaker positions, 590 watts power

-MBUX multimedia system

-MBUX Interior Assistant cockpit auxiliary system with gesture control system

-MBUX entertainment multimedia system with music streaming service connection system

-MBUX augmented reality for the navigation map

-2 sets of wireless headphones for rear passengers

Safety Configuration

-9 safety airbags

-ESP Automatic Stability Control Program

-ABS anti-lock braking system

-Hill start assist system

-Attention assist system that warns of fatigue while driving

-Active steering assist steering control system

-Driving assistance systems

-ACC adaptive cruise system

- PRE–SAFE® Impulse Side

-Automatic tire pressure monitoring system

-Automatic parking assist system equipped with a camera, which can display images in all directions

-Exit warning system when opening the door

-A 360-degree camera around the car, with a transparent engine hood function, suitable for off-road driving.

-Cushion pad under the engine compartment

-TIREFIT emergency tire repair kit

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