Great Wall Motors makes an appearance at the Bangkok International Auto Show, leading the Thai new energy vehicle market

AshleyMar 29, 2024, 06:13 PM

Great Wall Motors appears at the Bangkok International Auto Show, leading the new energy car market in Thailand.

On March 25, Great Wall Motors presented its four major brands Haval, Tank, Ora, and Pickup at the Bangkok International Auto Show in Thailand. Star models such as Haval H6, Tank 300, Tank 500, Ora Good Cat, Ora Good Cat GT, and Ora Lightning Cat were all on the stage. Meanwhile, the new luxury intelligent pickup - Poer Sahar made a stunning debut and officially started pre-sales.

At the auto show spotlight, leading the new energy market.

March 29, 2024 - Upholding the positioning of "a global new energy intelligent technology company," Great Wall Motors adheres to an eco-centric strategy and long-term in the Thai market. With brand values of "new energy, new intelligence, new experience," it rapidly grows into one of the most favored Chinese automotive brands by Thai consumers.

The Bangkok International Auto Show showcased major models from global mainstream automakers. As a leader in Chinese automotive globalization, Great Wall Motors took center stage, becoming one of the most attention-grabbing highlights of the show.

Mr. Narong Sritalayon, Marketing Director of Great Wall Motors Thailand, stated, "Great Wall Motors has always focused on the research and development and manufacturing of pickups, holding nearly 50% market share in China's pickup market, with global sales exceeding 2.55 million units. In Thailand, we aim to provide a comfortable and safe experience, meeting the demands of Thai consumers with the best products."

Poer Sahar debuts, setting a new benchmark for pickup trucks

The Poer Sahar is a new generation of intelligent pickup trucks created by Great Wall Motor, which possesses excellent driving performance, leading technology configuration, and extraordinary comfort experience, setting a new standard for the Thai pickup truck market.

Deeply cultivating the Thai market, creating an "eco-marine" system

Great Wall Motor is the earliest, deepest, and most comprehensive new energy vehicle brand in the Thai market from China, and is also recognized as a new energy pioneer brand in Thailand. Adhering to long-termism, Great Wall Motor always insists on localized cultivation, having established the Rayong plant in Thailand, which possesses complete vehicle manufacturing capabilities and world-class quality inspection systems and can produce several models such as Haval, Tank, and Ora. In November 2020, Great Wall Motor acquired the Rayong plant in Thailand, becoming the first wholly-owned Chinese car brand to enter Thailand. Subsequently, Great Wall Motor constantly introduced core spare parts enterprises such as Seiko and Mand into Thailand, creating the most comprehensive, deepest, and earliest layout, with over 50% of its spare parts localized.

The Rayong factory in Thailand has an annual production capacity of 80,000 vehicles. It is the only automobile factory in Thailand that produces HEV, PHEV, and BEV models at the same time.

Continuous innovation to create the most popular user brand

Through continuous innovation, it creates the most popular user brand and further realizes high-quality development. In addition to the ecological overseas strategy, the success of Great Wall Motors in the Thai market cannot be separated from its adherence to long-termism. From its first day of entering the Thai market, Great Wall Motors has used "in Thailand, for Thailand" as the core value of the company, dedicated to providing Thai consumers with the best new energy products and services. It also helps upgrade and develop the Thai auto industry and actively fulfills corporate social responsibilities, integrating into local society.

Great Wall Motors has organized a research and development team of 60 people to optimize and adjust models for the Thai market and built a "four-in-one" charging service network, connecting to more than 1000 charging stations of 5 operators, covering more than 85% of the public charging network in Thailand.

User Brand and Community Building

Great Wall Motors knows well that users are the foundation of corporate development. Therefore, Great Wall Motors always insists on being user-centric and actively builds a user brand and community in the Thai market.

Great Wall Motors is the first car brand in Thailand to propose a user brand strategy, establishing a three-level user operation structure of the Thailand User Committee, Car Owner Club, and Online Community. In 2023, over 240 brand user activities were held, creating user activity IPs such as "Green Tour", "Unseen World", and "She Power". The total number of fans on GWM's official social media exceeds 1.8 million, ranking fifth among all car brands. The Thai car owners of GWM have an average age of 35.52 years, an average monthly income of 95,300 Thai baht, and 91% have a bachelor's degree or above, all higher than other Chinese car brands and Japanese brands.

Innovative Marketing Mode

To enhance user experience, Great Wall Motors is actively innovating its marketing model in the Thai market, creating innovative models such as the "direct + authorized hybrid network model", "ONE Price (transparent pricing)", "sales partner" and "intelligent service".

Great Wall Motors has created a new retail model of "online transactions, offline delivery", and nationwide unified pricing, where all users order and pay online. At the same time, the entire vehicle retail is directly traded between the brand and the consumer and is delivered at the partner store set by the user, who can make after-sales service appointments and check vehicle repair status in real-time through the mobile app.

In the future, Great Wall Motors will continue to deepen its presence in the Thai market, bringing a better journey experience to Thai consumers with higher quality products and services, contributing to the development of Thailand's auto industry, and creating a better future together.

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