Is the Off-road Capability of the TANK 300 Sufficient with 1,649,000 Thai Baht and 350 Horsepower

Kevin WongMar 08, 2024, 04:08 PM

Currently, for instance, TANK has two models on sale in Thailand, TANK 300 and TANK 500, both of which adopt the HEV drive mode. However, in the Chinese market, TANK 300 and TANK 500 do not sell HEV models. The TANK 300 currently on sale is equipped with a 2.0T engine, and the TANK 300 PHEV model is about to be launched. However, from current information, it is still unknown whether the TANK 300 PHEV will be introduced in Southeast Asian markets such as Thailand.

TANK 300 has a very high sales volume in the Chinese market and even sold 10,000 units in a month in September 2023. For such a hardcore off-road SUV, this is an incredible sales volume. However, we can also see that the sales volume of TANK 300 in the Chinese market has been unstable in the past six months, but it seems that Chinese consumers still have high recognition for this car.

Unlike this, the price of TANK 300 in the Thai market has reached 1,649,000 baht, which makes it difficult for TANK 300 to enter more homes. It may only be professional off-road enthusiasts or consumers with good family conditions to purchase. After all, in my opinion, this type of SUV has more toy-like characteristics, and it is not particularly suitable for family travel in the city. After all, if this is the case, many cars can meet the demand, so why must it be TANK 300?

The Official Price of TANK 300:

-TANK 300 HEV PRO:1,649,000 baht

-TANK 300 HEV ULTRA:1,799,000 baht

Things we need to know about TANK 300:

-Maximum power of the powertrain is 350PS, and the peak torque is 616N·m

-7 driving modes

-Equipped with front and rear electronic differential locks and TANK turning system

-Minimum ground clearance is 224mm

-Maximum wading height is 700mm

I. TANK 300 exterior design

The exterior of the TANK 300 has very obvious characteristics of a hard-core off-road SUV, such as the wide black bumpers at the front and rear. Wheel arches and side skirts are also wrapped in black and are connected with the front and rear bumpers, which is wild. This style may have something to do with JEEP because the early JEEP has prominent bumpers. In addition, you can recall the shape of the JEEP Wrangler. Although the body of the TANK 300 is not so square, there are more rounded corners, but the overall shape and style are somewhat similar.

This hard-core style is also reflected in its round headlights and the obvious chrome-plated LOGO in the black grille. The PRO model is not directly equipped with AT tires, but the temperament of the TANK 300 will be better with AT tires. Looking at the ULTRA model, I believe many off-road enthusiasts will also change tires to give it stronger off-road capability. Besides, roof racks, square black rearview mirrors, side-opening rear doors, and spare tires are all characteristics that a hard-core off-road SUV should have.

The TANK 300 provides 4 body colors. In addition to black, white, and gray, there is also an orange color because the TANK 300 wants to target younger consumers. This orange exterior can be chosen for both models, creating a strong color contrast with black decorations, and it will attract a lot of onlookers on the road.

TANK 300 body size information:

-Body length: 4760mm

-Body width: 1930mm

-Body height: 1903mm

-Wheelbase: 2750mm

-Minimum ground clearance: 224mm

-Maximum wading height: 700mm

-Vehicle weight: PRO model: 2305kg, ULTRA model: 2355kg

-Tank volume: 75L

TANK 300 main exterior configurations:

-Smart LED headlights

-Automatic headlight switching system

-LED daytime running lights, LED front fog lights

-Black front and rear bumpers

-Side-opening tailgate

-Vertical LED tail lights

-Spare tire mounted on the tailgate

-LED high-mounted braking light

-LED fog light

-Sunroof that can be opened and closed electrically

-Shark fin antenna

-Black door handles

-Black side mirrors

-Black side steps

-17-inch alloy wheels, black, AT tire size 265/65 R17

2. Interior Design of TANK 300

TANK models are known for their emphasis on off-road performance, whether it's the TANK 300 or the TANK 500, both are positioned with a rugged off-road focus. However, due to its higher price and positioning, the TANK 500 also needs to incorporate a sense of luxury, which sometimes gives it a slightly peculiar feel in design. But the interior design of the TANK 300 complements its overall ruggedness, showcasing a hardcore vibe with rich details and high-quality materials, avoiding the typical rough and cheap feel of off-road vehicles.

The center console of the TANK 300 easily evokes the interior design of Mercedes-Benz SUVs, with features such as aircraft engine-shaped air vents, dual-screen design, and a decorative panel running through the center console, along with ambient lighting in the form of LED strips. The TANK 300 strives to create a high seating position, with the center console notably higher than the door panels. Good visibility is crucial for off-road SUVs, although compared to sedans and MPVs, SUVs often fall short in this aspect. The A-pillars of the TANK 300 are also thick and equipped with grab handles, yet the front occupants still enjoy good visibility. Additionally, the vehicle is equipped with features such as a transparent chassis and water-fording display, further enhancing the driver's visibility.

The TANK 300 comes with a 12.3-inch LCD instrument cluster and a 12.3-inch touchscreen display, both integrated into the center console rather than using the common floating design, which seems to provide a sense of enveloping security. Strangely, the circular button area between the two air vents below the central screen combines the front and rear axle differential locks and front and rear window defrost functions, giving a somewhat forced and patched-together impression. Furthermore, TANK seems to place a strong emphasis on clocks. In the case of the TANK 300, I feel such a clock is unnecessary; replacing it with a small electronic display to show orientation and altitude information would appear more professional.

In terms of interior color, both the PRO and ULTRA models feature a black interior.

The main interior features of the TANK 300 include:

  • Nappa leather seats
  • Ambient lighting
  • Armrest on the front console
  • Four handles on the door pillars and three handles on the ceiling
  • Analog clock
  • 8-way power-adjustable driver's seat
  • Driver's seat with electric massage system
  • Ventilated front seats
  • Driver's seat memory function
  • Driver's seat with welcome seat
  • 4-way power-adjustable front passenger seat
  • Second-row seats fold flat in two steps
  • Second-row seats can be adjusted and folded in a 60:40 split
  • Automatic anti-glare rearview mirror
  • 12.3-inch digital driver information display
  • 12.3-inch central touchscreen
  • Supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity
  • Infinity sound system with 8 speakers
  • 4-way adjustable steering wheel
  • Electronic gear lever
  • Shift control system (paddle shifters)
  • Electric parking brake
  • Automatic parking
  • Automatic climate control
  • PM 2.5 air filter
  • Wireless phone charger
  • Four USB ports for front and rear passengers
  • Keyless entry and one-touch start

3. Configuration and Performance of TANK 300

In addition to the features mentioned above, such as ventilated massage seats, an Infinity audio system, and a 12.3-inch touchscreen that supports smartphone connectivity, the TANK 300 also showcases similar safety and intelligent features as the TANK 500. For instance, it allows remote control of vehicle doors, windows, and air conditioning via smartphone, enabling ventilation and cooling of the interior before venturing out in hot weather. Furthermore, information such as vehicle location and tire pressure can also be accessed via the smartphone.

Both variants of the TANK 300 come equipped with intelligent driving assistance systems, although the ULTRA model offers richer functionality, including IIP automatic parking system, ARA reverse trajectory parking, RCTA & RCTB reverse blind spot monitoring, and emergency braking. These differences in functionality mirror those between the two variants of the TANK 500. It can be observed that the intelligent driving assistance systems of TANK, and even those installed in other GWM models, likely constitute the same system, encompassing similar features. These systems can create differentiation among different sub-models within the same vehicle series but remain consistent across different vehicle series. For instance, features introduced in the TANK 500 are also present in the TANK 300.

Safety features of the TANK 300 include:

  • ACC adaptive cruise control with intelligent cornering assistance
  • TJA low-speed cruise control system
  • 3 types of automatic parking assistance systems IIP
  • ARA automatic reverse assistance system, capable of automatically reversing up to 50 meters at speeds below 30 km/h
  • 360° panoramic view camera
  • AEBI automatic emergency braking system
  • RCTA & RCTB reverse blind spot monitoring system
  • 6 sensors each at the front and rear
  • WDS system to avoid approaching large vehicles from the side
  • LKA lane-keeping assist
  • LDW lane departure warning system
  • ELK system to assist in controlling the lane in emergencies
  • SCM system to mitigate the severity of secondary collisions
  • HDC hill descent control assistance system
  • HSA hill start assist system
  • DOW door open warning system
  • TPMS tire pressure monitoring system

TANK 300's Powertrain and Four-Wheel Drive System

As mentioned earlier, in the Chinese market, the TANK 300 does not have any HEV models. This means that the overall performance of their gasoline-powered models is not as strong as ours, because the 2.0T engine used in HEV models is the same as that used in gasoline models. The 9AT transmission is also the same. The difference lies in the additional electric motor in HEV models, which contributes to higher total power output.

The 2.0T engine has a maximum power of 244PS and peak torque of 380N·m, with peak torque available between 1700-4000rpm. The electric motor delivers a maximum power of 106PS and a maximum torque of 268N·m. The combined powertrain provides a maximum power of 350PS and a peak torque of 616N·m. The TANK 300 is equipped with a 1.7kWh capacity battery.

This vehicle features front double-wishbone independent suspension and rear multi-link independent suspension, with a rack-and-pinion steering mechanism and EPS electronic power steering system capable of generating three different steering weights. These features are shared with the TANK 500.

Main off-road configurations of TANK 300:

  • Front and rear electric differential locks
  • Off-road cruise control
  • TANK steering system for maneuvering in tight spaces
  • Undercarriage imaging system (transparent body)
  • Display of external water level when driving through water

7 driving modes of TANK 300:

  • Normal: Normal driving mode (four-wheel drive)
  • SPORT: Utilizes low gear high rpm for enhanced power (four-wheel drive)
  • ECO: Economy mode (rear-wheel drive)
  • MUD: Designed for driving on muddy surfaces, disables ESC and VDC systems
  • SAND: Driving on sandy terrain, activates the electronic differential lock
  • SNOW: Driving on slippery surfaces, slower throttle response, four-wheel drive
  • 4L: Low-speed four-wheel drive mode, adjusts high gear ratio for increased traction

5. TANK 300 Configuration Overview

The following table displays the official configuration of the TANK 300, highlighting the added features of the ULTRA model.


The TANK 300 presents a better overall impression, indicating its design, configuration, and features are more cohesive. It's evident that it emphasizes off-road performance, and despite being significantly cheaper, it offers the same intelligent driving assistance system as the TANK 500. Additionally, it features NAPPA leather seats and an Infinity sound system, indicating a decent level of luxury, albeit with a stronger emphasis on rugged off-road styling rather than first-class luxury.

Given these points, it's reasonable that the TANK 300 is more popular. If the main target audience for TANK is off-road enthusiasts, then the TANK 300 already provides an excellent answer with its professionalism and lower price. In that case, why should we consider other models?

(Author: Kevin Wong)

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