The multi-purpose pickup, MG Extender, which starts at a price of 559,000 Thai Baht, what are some features worth understanding?

Kevin WongMar 11, 2024, 02:57 AM

MG Extender has launched two versions, the two-door version (Giant Cab) and the four-door version (Double Cab), with a total of 8 subdivided models to choose from. Only one 4WD model is available in the Double Cab version of the MG Extender. Considering its reasonable overall price, it is clear that the MG Extender is more focused on daily loading and meeting basic home use, not like the Ford Ranger focusing on off-road performance and also fun to drive.

However, if you just see the MG Extender as a pure tool vehicle, it would be a bit underestimated. It is equipped with the i-SMART feature that can realize the remote viewing of the vehicle condition. Some models are equipped with lane departure warning and a 360° panoramic imaging system.

Prices of MG Extender models:

-MG Extender 2.0 GC C 6MT: THB 559,000

-MG Extender 2.0 GC D 6MT: THB 629,000

-MG Extender 2.0 GC Grand D 6MT: THB 659,000

-MG Extender 2.0 GC Grand X 6MT: THB 739,000

-MG Extender 2.0 GC Grand D 6AT: THB 729,000

-MG Extender 2.0 DC Grand D 6MT: THB 769,000

-MG Extender 2.0 DC Grand X 6AT: THB 889,000

-MG Extender 2.0 DC Grand 4WD X 6AT: THB 1,039,000

I. External Design of MG Extender

The exterior appearance of the GC version and DC version is identical. The rugged front design and bold lines create a powerful and tough pickup truck character that is hard to forget. The aggressive polygonal front grille, adorned with bold chrome decorations, enhances the vehicle's imposing and massive presence. Additional chrome accents are applied around the body, including the side windows.

The LED headlights at the front are designed separately, featuring LED daytime running lights above and high and low beams below. This layout not only gives the front a sharp look but also fills the space on both sides, creating a fuller overall appearance. The side profile showcases refined details with the side step and 18-inch dual-color aluminum alloy wheels, while the C CURVE LED taillights offer high recognizability. MG has incorporated a sophisticated design for the rear, with a black rear cover forming a color contrast and connecting to the taillights on both sides through red decorative lines, creating a cohesive and visually appealing effect.

MG Extender is available in five body colors: white, black, gray, silver, and red.

Dimensions of MG Extender:

-MG Extender GC: 5365 x 1900 x 1820 / 3155 millimeters

-MG Extender DC: 5365 x 1900 x 1850 / 3155 millimeters

II. Interior Design of MG Extender

The interior offers two color schemes: pure black and a black-brown dual-tone option.

At its core is a 10-inch color touchscreen supporting voice control, allowing hands-on-wheel operation of the infotainment system during driving, and with upgrading features. The black and brown dual-tone combination enhances the vehicle's interior appeal, with the door panels featuring SOFT TOUCH material. The vehicle is equipped with a multifunctional steering wheel, 2 USB ports for convenient phone charging, and six speakers throughout (four speakers for the GC model).

The DC version accommodates five passengers, providing ample interior space. The rear seats offer two folding options, flexibly expanding the cargo space. Rear comfort is prioritized with generously reclined seatbacks, avoiding the discomfort associated with straight-backed pickup truck rear seats. Additionally, rear air vents are available. The 4WD model features 6-way adjustable front seats, with a maximum recline angle of 150°.

The GC version differs by converting the rear seats into pure storage space, making it more affordable and not offering a 4WD model. Its lower price and high practicality make it suitable for utility or business purposes, considering it's not ideal for family travel. However, despite these differences, the GC version maintains the same quality in infotainment and interior design materials.

In terms of safety features, the GC version, designed for two occupants, comes with only two front airbags, while the DC version is equipped with six airbags. Both models include body stability systems, hill start assist, hill descent control, and rear parking sensors. Only the DC version has ISOFIX child seat interfaces. Higher-end models may feature a 360° panoramic camera, tire pressure monitoring, lane departure warning, and other functionalities.

III. Power System of the MG Extender

Whether it's the GC version or the DC version, both are equipped with a 2.0L 4-cylinder diesel engine. The engine delivers a maximum power of 161PS and a peak torque of 375N·m within the torque range of 1500-2400rpm. Both versions come with a 6-speed manual and automatic transmission. Additionally, only the DC version offers a model with a four-wheel-drive system, priced at 1,039,000 Thai Baht.


There are a lot of competitors in the market where the MG Extender stands, such as the Toyota Hilux and Nissan Navara Calibre, which are known for their reliability. Regarding practicality, the MG Extender is not at a disadvantage. Moreover, in terms of prices, it has a more significant advantage. The starting price is 165,000 baht cheaper compared to the Toyota Hilux, for example.

Cheap and useful, this should be the core highlight of the MG Extender, right?

(Author: Kevin Wong)

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