With an electric-only range of 640km, is the ORA 07 a car exclusively for women?

Kevin WongMar 07, 2024, 05:43 PM

The ORA can be considered as a sub-brand under GWM, with its product positioning, design, and sales channels being independent. GWM is a well-known name in the Chinese automotive market, and its most famous model is the HAVAL H6, which has been the hottest SUV in the Chinese market for many years.

Interestingly, GWM seems to excel in manufacturing SUVs, with the HAVAL brand exclusively featuring SUV models, along with the off-road GWM Poer pickup. ORA's vehicle models appear anything but off-road; instead, they embrace a thoroughly feminine route. For example, the ORA GOOD CAT, already available in our market – cute, agile, and exquisite are the most appropriate words to describe it. Despite the larger size of the ORA 07, it still maintains a feminine style, giving us a sense of an exclusive female ride.

Is the ORA 07 designed solely to please female users? Is this car, destined to get a second glance on the streets, merely cute and sexy? Let's learn about it together!

Things We Should Know about ORA 07:

· Two versions available in the Thailand market: Long Range with a range of 640 km and Performance with a range of 550 km.

· ORA 07 Long Range features a front single motor, while ORA 07 Performance adopts a front and rear motor layout.

· It takes only 4.3 seconds for ORA 07 to accelerate from 0-100 km/h.

· The price of ORA 07 Long Range is 1,299,000 Thai Baht, while ORA 07 Performance is priced at 1,499,000 Thai Baht.

· Both models are equipped with an electric spoiler.

Configuration for ORA 07:

For the two models of ORA 07, refer to the chart below. In terms of intelligent driving assistance systems, ORA 07 is equipped with a relatively complete configuration, including an adaptive cruise control system (ACC) with speed control, active emergency braking (AEB), and lane change assistance. It's worth noting that ORA 07 Performance adds Automatic Reverse Assistance (ARA) and Intelligent Parking Assistance System (IIP).

I.Exterior design of ORA 07

The design of ORA 07 stands out amidst the current trend of cars favoring sharp lines, intricate details, and exaggerated features. Unlike contemporary vehicles, the ORA 07 boasts a remarkably simple design that lacks the sharp angles and lines typically associated with modern cars. The entire body is characterized by a smooth and rounded silhouette. Upon first glance, the simplicity of its design elicits involuntary admiration, drawing me in with its unconventional aesthetic. The rounded body shape evokes memories of a classic Beetle. While such a design might have been a fashion trend decades ago, today it appears refreshingly distinctive.

This uniqueness aligns with ORA's feminine design approach, suggesting that the car aims to be a feminine sporty sedan. The round headlights take center stage on the front, embodying a cute charm. The closed front face avoids unnecessary details, allowing the "big eyes" to capture attention. Even the fastback design exudes an elegant roundness, departing from the commonly seen sharp and aggressive sports car aesthetics.

The sporty vibe is shown by the electric rear wing. Interestingly, when closed, ORA 07's electric rear wing seamlessly blends with the black rear windshield, almost imperceptible to the casual observer. This subtle design caters well to female users. When the electric rear wing is opened, the entire car exudes an impressive sporty demeanor. The downforce generated by the wing contributes to the vehicle's stability at high speeds, enhancing the overall driving experience. Additionally, it's worth noting that the ORA 07 Performance model features stylish 19-inch wheels, with details resembling the elliptical shape found in the ORA logo, complemented by red calipers, adding a touch of sensuality to the overall aesthetic.

The ORA 07 Long Range provides two exterior colors, which are white and grey. In addition to these two colors, the ORA 07 Performance also offers an exclusive purple option well-suited for female users. This exclusive color ensures that your vehicle stands out as exceptionally unique in the ordinary flow of traffic.

Dimension of the body of ORA 07:

·ORA 07: 4,871 x 1,862 x 1,500 / 2,870 millimeters

·DEEPAL L07: 4,820 x 1,890 x 1,480 / 2,900 millimeters

·BYD Seal: 4,800 x 1,875 x 1,460 / 2,920 millimeters

·Honda Accord: 4,962 x 1,862 x 1,449 / 2,828 millimeters

·Toyota Camry: 2,885 x 1,840 x 1,445 / 2,825 millimeters

II.Interior design of ORA 07

If you say that the exterior design is already very unique, then when you open the door of ORA 07 and sit in the cockpit, what else can you say? At least I didn't know how to describe the feeling it gave me for a long time.

The interior design of ORA 07 is not monotonous. In fact, I think it incorporates multiple styles in it. The first is a feminine comfortable atmosphere. The interior of ORA 07 has black and brown ones, but I think brown will definitely be more popular, because this color matches the overall interior design, and it can better show this comfortable atmosphere.

The second is the retro feel. This feeling is also easier to show on the brown interior, because this brown itself has a certain retro effect. Together with a lot of silver buttons and decorations, it looks very retro metallic. Look at its steering wheel shape and instrument panel design. They are really different from the minimalist shape of many Chinese pure electric cars. Interestingly, traditional retro designs tend to give a sense of old and messy, but the interior of ORA 07 is not like this, you can still feel a sense of fashion and a kind of trend on it. This experience is hard to describe, but it is really unforgettable.

TThere is also a sense of movement. Look at its center console, which adopts a tilted longitudinal layout, with three delicate knobs. This design of the center console surface is mostly used in supercars. ORA 07 adopts this inclined longitudinal center console layout that is rare in family cars. In my opinion, it is a clever treatment. An important reason why traditional family cars do not design this way is that it brings a sense of depression in space and makes the originally compact space in the front row more crowded, and loses the storage space, and gives up the most important practicality of family cars. The design of ORA 07 to a certain extent also loses space and practicality, such as it only has one cup holder, but space is reserved under the center console, and wireless charging is designed into a vertical slot. What is lost is gained, but compared to the lost, I think the attractive beauty that this design brings is more important.

Power System of ORA 07

The power systems of ORA 07 Long Range:

· Front motor and front-wheel drive

· Utilizes ternary lithium batteries with an NEDC pure electric range of 640 km

· Battery capacity of 83.499 kWh

· Maximum power of the motor is 150 kW (204 PS)

· Motor peak torque is 340 N·m

· Maximum speed is 170 km/h

Relevant information about the power systems of ORA 07 Performance:

· Front + rear motor four-wheel drive

· Utilizes ternary lithium batteries with an NEDC pure electric range of 550 km

· Battery capacity of 83.499 kWh

· Maximum power of the motor system is 300 kW (408 PS)

· Motor system peak torque is 680 N·m

· Maximum speed is 180 km/h

· 0-100 km/h acceleration time is 4.3 seconds

The acceleration performance of ORA 07 Performance is very strong due to its four-wheel drive. However, because of the identical battery system, its disadvantage is a pure electric range of only 550 km. Nevertheless, this performance is considered mainstream among electric vehicles in the market. For daily urban commuting, it is sufficient for a week's use.

With a 0-100 km/h acceleration time of 4.3 seconds, this capability is not exclusive to female users. ORA 07 Performance is likely to attract many male users who enjoy driving and speed. Of course, you can also consider purchasing such a car for your wife or girlfriend. Besides their daily use, you can also experience the pleasure of a four-wheel-drive electric car. However, compared to purple and white, the combination of a gray car body and black interior is more suitable for male users. See! ORA seems to have considered male users too!

ORA 07 offers six driving modes: Economy Mode, WELL BEING Mode, Normal Mode, Sport Mode, Personalized Mode, and Sport+ Mode exclusive to ORA 07 Performance.

The most unforgettable aspect of ORA 07 is its design, and this distinctive design is vividly manifested in the ORA GOOD CAT. Personalization makes it more suitable for female users, but I believe ORA 07 is more than that.

Its retention of a sporty style, emphasis on acceleration performance, and a design that is both retro and exudes a touch of sporty temperament can also cater to the aesthetic and needs of male users. The gray body of the ORA 07 presents a different style, even with a hint of coolness. I think this kind of sensation would be more appealing to males than females.

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