Bangkok Motor Show: ZEEKR 007 Debuts at Bangkok Motor Show, with a Maximum Range of 688km

Kevin WongMar 25, 2024, 04:56 PM

At the 45th Bangkok International Motor Show, the Chinese new energy brand ZEEKR showcased its sporty coupe model 007. Just by looking at the car, it's clear that it's a coupe model. Its streamlined and dynamic design exudes a sporty temperament, giving off a strong performance car vibe. The ZEEKR 007 showcased at this car show is a left-hand drive model, indicating it's from China, as this model has already been launched in China. However, ZEEKR has not yet entered the Thai market with this model, but it's believed to be just a matter of time, and it shouldn't be too long.

In the Chinese market, ZEEKR 007 has been launched in many variants, totaling 5 models, covering both rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive options. Some models also come equipped with intelligent driving systems, offering a high degree of autonomous driving capability. These are the main highlights of the ZEEKR 007. The price range for this car in the Chinese market is between 209,900 and 299,900 yuan (approximately 1,060,000 to 1,515,000 Thai Baht).

In terms of appearance, the ZEEKR 007 adopts a "minimalist luxury design" led by the world's top design master Stefan Sielaff, completely breaking away from the familial design, making it the most unique presence in the family. The most distinctive design is reflected in the front face, where the lighting group, grille, air duct, and other functional areas are highly integrated, ultimately forming the ZEEKR STARGATE integrated intelligent light curtain with a 90-inch ultra-wide display area, containing 1711 LED beads, including 7296 translucent points, and equipped with 75 24-bit high-power LED control chips, supporting a light curtain refresh rate of 30 frames per second, with a visual range of 310 degrees.

At the same time, it supports customizable light language and comes with a "changeable face" attribute, adding playability and personalization. Additionally, when the light curtain is closed, the sunglasses-effect lampshade paired with the smoked black intake grille instantly enhances the futuristic feel. However, if there's a rear-end collision or a minor scrape, the repair costs are estimated to be quite expensive.

ZEEKR 007 adopts a concealed water-cutting process on the side, making the paint surface and glass appear seamlessly integrated, while also providing waterproof and dustproof capabilities. The lines are very smooth and extremely simple. It features an integrated smooth rear design, with a two-section panoramic roof design, where the rear windshield is made of a single piece of glass with an area of ​​1.62 square meters, extending from the rear of the roof to the trunk, providing a clear and transparent visual experience, while also possessing excellent heat insulation capabilities and effectively ensuring interior privacy protection.

In terms of body dimensions, the ZEEKR 007 measures 4865/1900/1450mm in length, width, and height respectively, with a wheelbase of 2928mm. The ZEEKR 007 adopts a clamshell-style tailgate, moving the seam between the trunk and the body to the side of the car, allowing for a larger tailgate opening and higher completeness of the rear end. Thanks to the unique tailgate design, the ZEEKR 007 boasts seamlessly integrated taillights, where the flowing taillights blend perfectly with the water ripple panel, presenting an aesthetically pleasing light cascade effect.

In terms of interior design, the ZEEKR 007 shares a similar overall style with the ZEEKR X, both belonging to the minimalist and fresh type. They are equipped with a 15.05-inch suspended 2.5K touchscreen OLED display and a dual-spoke flat-bottom steering wheel, featuring a palm-shift gear design. The central screen supports rotation of about 15 degrees and is equipped with an in-car satellite communication system. Additionally, the ZEEKR 007 adopts a dual-tone, double-stitch design, with a Microfiber ultra-fine ceiling and Soft Nappa full-grain top-layer leather seats, adding a luxurious atmosphere to the interior. In terms of detail, the new car also features metal-colored coat hooks, luxury glasses cases, and exquisite details throughout the cabin, showcasing ultimate refinement. Furthermore, the ZEEKR 007 boasts a 21-speaker 7.1.4 Dolby panoramic advanced sound system, equipped with a master-level tuning standard, allowing occupants to enjoy theater-grade music effects within the car. Combined with the Ice Block crystal ambient lighting, which features high-resolution lighting effects at the 8mm level, the entire vehicle has 14 ambient lights and 176 LED light units, with 64-color lighting adjustment capability, creating a three-dimensional surround cabin ambiance.

In terms of intelligent cabin, the ZEEKR 007 is equipped with the latest generation intelligent cockpit system OS 6.0, featuring the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 chip built on a 5nm process. The chip boasts an AI computing power of 30 TOPS, which is 8 times that of the 8155 chip. It can drive 11 screens and supports immersive 3D interaction. In addition, the voice assistant EVA will be integrated with the Kr AI large model, supporting functions such as translation, encyclopedia lookup, news search, poetry writing, and recommending check-in locations.

In terms of intelligent driving, the ZEEKR 007 debuts the vast intelligent driving system, which utilizes a central supercomputing platform and integrated perception hardware. It is equipped with the NVIDIA Drive Orin chip from NVIDIA, with a maximum computing power of 508 TOPS, and is equipped with a LiDAR sensor, supporting intelligent parking, fingertip parking, and stereo parking. Additionally, the ZEEKR 007 also supports NZP high-speed autonomous navigation assistance, which is available nationwide upon delivery. Its urban commuting NZP has also begun internal testing and will be upgraded online in 2024.

In terms of power, the ZEEKR 007 is built on an 800V high-voltage architecture, equipped with silicon carbide-based motors, and powered by ZEEKR's proprietary gold-brick lithium iron phosphate battery. It offers both single-motor rear-wheel drive and dual-motor all-wheel drive versions.

The two-wheel-drive model is powered by a maximum output of 310 kilowatts (kW) motor, with an official acceleration time of 5.4 seconds per 100 kilometers. For range, it features a 75.6 kilowatt-hour (kWh) lithium iron phosphate battery pack, with an optional 100.01 kWh ternary lithium battery pack, offering electric ranges of 688 kilometers and 870 kilometers respectively under CLTC conditions.

The four-wheel-drive model features front and rear motor outputs of 165 kW and 310 kW respectively, with a system's total power of 475 kW. Its official acceleration time is only 2.84 seconds per 100 kilometers, with a top speed of 210 km/h. For range, it offers a 75.6 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery pack and a 100.01 kWh ternary lithium battery pack, with electric ranges of 616 kilometers and 660 kilometers respectively under CLTC conditions.

It's worth mentioning that ZEEKR's proprietary gold-brick battery can achieve a maximum charging power of 500 kW, with a maximum charging rate of 4.5C. Within the fast-charging range of 10% to 80%, it can achieve a range increase of over 500 kilometers in just 15 minutes, making it the world's fastest-charging lithium iron phosphate battery in mass production.

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