What Premier Feelings can the MG MAXUS 9 Offer us as an Electric MPV, Priced at 2,499,000 Thai Bhat?

Kevin WongMar 11, 2024, 08:54 AM

In the case of ensuring the pure electric range and the safety of the battery, MPV is well-suited for pure electric drive. On the one hand, the power delivery of pure electric drive is smoother, and there is no noise and vibration of the engine, providing a more comfortable ride for passengers. Of course, this also requires that the vehicle needs better power calibration, especially the smoothness of power in energy recovery. On the other hand, in the case of an MPV full load of 7 people or a large number of passengers and luggage, pure electric drive can provide stronger power output, compensating for the power deficiency situation that often appears in MPV models equipped with gasoline engines.

Perhaps this is a major reason for the entry of the MG MAXUS 9 into the Thai market. This model is the first pure electric MPV in the Thai market with a pure electric NEDC range of 540km, making it suitable for long-distance driving, which is crucial for an MPV. Additionally, MG has established 129 MG SUPER CHARGE charging stations in Thailand, ensuring that drivers can travel to different cities without worrying about charging issues. The locations of these charging stations can be easily found through a mobile app, providing great convenience.

MG MAXUS 9 has launched 2 sub-models, both with a range of 540 kilometers. The main differences between them lie in their configurations and exclusive body colors. Now let's learn about this vehicle.

Official guide prices for the MG MAXUS 9:

-MG MAXUS 9 Model X: 2,499,000 Thai Baht

-MG MAXUS 9 Model V: 2,699,000 Thai Baht

Current official vehicle purchase benefits are as follows:

-Choose from a down payment of 8% or a down payment of 25% with a 1.88% preferential interest rate for 48 monthly installments

-Free home charging station and free installation

-Free one-year insurance (valued at 33,781 Thai baht)

-24-hour emergency service for 5 years

-5-year or 160,000 km vehicle quality warranty

-8-year or 200,000 km battery warranty

-Free car mat set

Things we should know about the MG MAXUS 9 :

-Super long body of 5270mm and super long wheelbase of 3200mm

-Equipped with 25 safety systems, the L2 level automatic driving assistance system with the Euro NCAP and ANCAP safety certification

-Second-row first-class seats with 8 massage modes.

-Independent air conditioning for the second and third rows.

-Pure electric range of 540km

-Power system with a maximum power of 245 PS.

I. Configuration of the MG MAXUS 9

In terms of the configuration of the two variants, the specific configuration can be found in the chart released by the official. The MG MAXUS 9 features intelligent and electrified configurations. For example, its intelligent driving assistance system has 25 functions. What's more, the backrest of its seats, heat and cold, and even the lighting system in the cabin is operated through the touch panel on the armrest of the seat, providing a sense of advanced functionality.

Undoubtedly, the core purpose of the MG MAXUS 9 configuration is to create a safe and comfortable travel environment, so it puts a strong emphasis on seat comfort. For example, the second-row seats, designed as first-class cabin seats, include 8 modes of massage function, and the rear seat has a 220V power outlet and a small table board that can hold a laptop. The panoramic sunroof covers the top of the third-row passenger's head, so it effectively solves the depression of the third-row passenger. MPVs usually provide independent air conditioning for the second row, but the third row of this car can also enjoy independent air conditioning, which is what MG MAXUS 9 does to satisfy the details.

The differences in configuration between Model X and Model V are mainly reflected in the seat material and comfort. For example, the seat of Model V is made of genuine leather, which is softer than regular leather. In addition, the second-row seats adopt VIP modeling, and the front-row seats also add functions such as seat ventilation and massage. In addition, the number of the car speaker has been upgraded from 8 to 12, and the USB interface has also been upgraded from 7 to 9, ensuring that everyone in the car can charge their mobile phones. There is another difference in the detail is that Model V uses ContiTech's sealing rubber, which is better than ordinary sealing rubber, which will affect the sound insulation level of the vehicle.

Satisfyingly, both sub-models do not differ in terms of intelligent driving assistance systems. Therefore, even if one opts for the more affordable Model X, all 25 safety features will still be available.

II. MG MAXUS 9's Exterior Design

The closed grille design can make the MPV look more business-like, and the MG MAXUS 9 is a good example. Compared to conventional fuel cars, MG seems to adopt a more stable strategy when designing electric vehicles. This strategy is particularly important for MPV because MPV is not suitable for exaggerated and ahead-of-the-game designs. The MEGA of the Chinese brand Li has become a focal point of commentary because of its exterior design. What MPV needs is to satisfy the aesthetics of most people and look beautiful and elegant. Therefore, I think MG MAXUS 9 has achieved this.

It features segmented front headlights, so the slender LED daytime running lights will look more beautiful. The Y-shaped taillights use the popular full-width style, and the indicators have a flowing effect, which is currently mainstream and is accepted by many people. In addition, as an MPV with a business style, the MG MAXUS 9 provides electronic sliding doors on both sides. The 19-inch aluminum alloy wheels also look imposing. This vehicle is suitable for entry into many high-end business occasions.

However, due to its pursuit of a grand presence, its body seems a bit too large in my eyes. Maneuvering through crowded streets of Bangkok, for example, would challenge the driver's skills. Its width reaches 2 meters, which is comparable to some large SUVs, which will affect its actual flexibility, and it has a wheelbase of more than 3 meters. The turning radius of this car is 6.4 meters, which is agile for such a large body, but it is still inconvenient on many small roads, which is inevitable. After all, the installation of VIP seats requires enough width, and to ensure the space of the third row and the practicality of the trunk, long wheelbase, and long body, which is necessary.

MG MAXUS 9 offers three colors, two of which are Pearl White and Knight Black, and the dual-color of Granite Grey with a black roof is exclusively for Model V. Additionally, this color requires an extra 30,000 Thai Baht.

Body size parameters of MG MAXUS 9:

-Body length: 5270mm

-Body width: 2000mm

-Body height: 1840mm

-Wheelbase: 3200mm

-Front/rear wheelbase: 1690/1712mm

-Minimum ground clearance: 140mm

III. Interior Design of the MG MAXUS 9

The interior design of MG MAXUS 9 showcases a sense of fluidity, with the most noticeable feature being its central console, which is not a flat shape but rather exhibits a wave-like pattern. The central core area where the large screen is located protrudes forward, creating a dynamic atmosphere with slanted air vents and silver trim on the central console, giving it an elegant appearance.

It is unfortunate that the interior of MG MAXUS 9 only comes in one color, black, and the entire cabin is in black. It is unclear whether this choice is intentional to create a formal and business-like atmosphere. In any case, the combination of black with its sleek interior design may create a sense of distance, lacking a certain comfortable ambiance that could alleviate passengers' fatigue and tension. If the interior had brown or gray elements, it would likely contribute to a more relaxing atmosphere. The main difference between the two models lies in whether the second-row seats are VIP seats.

The 12.3-inch touchscreen paired with a 7-inch LCD instrument panel has been a combination used for many years. MG MAXUS 9 follows the same approach in interior design as its exterior, maintaining a mainstream style without overly emphasizing individuality. In reality, the core of this car's interior lies in its seats. It provides comfort through various features, as mentioned in the previous configuration section. By examining its specifications, it becomes apparent that its seat configuration is highly competitive among currently available MPVs at the same price range, offering more features than other models in its category.

IV. MG MAXUS 9's Power System
Both models adopt a single-motor drive system, equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor wound with 8 layers of flat wire. Additionally, they feature a small-sized and lightweight ternary lithium battery. The electric motor has a maximum power of 180 kW (245 N·m) and a peak torque of 350 N·m. The battery has a capacity of 90 kWh, and in the case of DC slow charging, the fastest charging power is 11 kW, which is relatively fast. If charged during the midnight hours, a full charge can be achieved in the time it takes to sleep.

The official information does not specify the highest charging power under AC direct current fast charging. However, considering the rapid growth of pure electric vehicles in Thailand, there will be an increasing number of charging stations. MG has already built 129 charging stations in Thailand, indicating that the MG MAXUS 9 has a certain long-distance capability.

Is the MG MAXUS 9 worth the price? It is more suitable for commercial purposes such as business receptions for clients or daily business travel for executives rather than family use. From a business perspective, the price of the MG MAXUS 9 is reasonable.

It achieves comprehensive safety and comfort, and it is challenging to find significant issues in its configuration. Considering features like massage function in the second-row seats and independent air conditioning in the third-row seats, this vehicle meets the standards of a luxury MPV in terms of configuration. Many luxury MPVs are priced higher than the MG MAXUS 9.

(Author: Kevin Wong)

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